What Your Phone Company Doesn't Want You to Know...

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This is a dedication to thank Telebroad for their outstanding telephone and communication services at our administration offices all year round, your service is phenomenal, technically and professional.

Hatzolah of Williamsburg

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Traditional phone service offers are loaded with extra fees and restrictions that they're hoping you'll overlook until you've signed your name on the dotted line.

Here's a sampling of fees and restriction to look out for:

Additional charges

  • Installation
  • Early Termination
  • Excessive Long Distance / International Calls


  • Annual Commitment
  • No Remote Support
  • Limited Availability
  • Busy Signals
  • No preset Holiday Schedules & Greetings

In addition, their packages don't always include even basic calling features, such as call waiting, conference calls, and voice mail without racking up extra charges.