They Switched. Should You?

This is a dedication to thank Telebroad for their outstanding telephone and communication services at our administration offices all year round, your service is phenomenal, technically and professional.

Hatzolah of Williamsburg


One of the most successful business decisions we ever made was joining Telebroad!

What a service! Second to none! An amazing system & dedicated support team; connecting our offices from NYC to India as one.

Regal Wings


We switched to Telebroad because whenever we needed service with the previous carrier, we were kept in the ‘queue’ for over 20 minutes. We tried calling the Telebroad support to see how long it would take to get a tech on the line. It was less than 30 seconds... Only then we asked to be transferred to Sales. You know... we're in the moving business so we like when things get going, and with Telebroad Everything since then was so smooth, we can barely find a reason to call them anymore. Thanks!

Velocity Moving & Storage


This is just a note to thank Telebroad for assisting my business with our Phone PBX & Communication needs.

I'm impressed in how efficient the service is and how much we've benefited with our advanced Phone System. Your personal dedication for the business insights to determine the best design for the Call Call flow was extremely candid and inspiring.

I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo (of our until-now Phone system setup) and can guide us down new directions we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference.

CTA Digital


At RealBeanz, we're 'real busy' all the time, and our people are all over the place. When you run an operation like ours whose scope spans hundreds of miles, and getting your product on supermarket shelves in a timely manner is crucial, you need an iron-clad, no-nonsense communication system that handles volume, overflow, and remote connections with ease. Enter Telebroad, the system we rely on every day to keep all our RealBeanz beverages flowing smoothly. With Telebroad our truck drivers each get their own extension number which allows them to interact and connect effortlessly and gives us call logging that's seamless and super-efficient.

And Telebroad is able to interface with our Salesforce CRM software, which allows us to streamline all phases of the sale from lead management to analytics, and forecasting. If you ever need a reference for your outstanding system, send the calls this way.



We started using Telebroad not too long ago. I can't even think back the way we operated without it!  
Whenever I am in need of tech support, Telebroad will make sure that we get the most undivided attention at all times and that everything gets done 100% within minutes!!
Furthermore, they have a lot of different features that makes communication much easier!

They are always here to help out with the greatest pleasure and endurance. I highly recommend Telebroad for all your phone services! It's extremely easy to work with.

Thank you David, Mayer and entire Telebroad staff for all your continuous help !!!

Esther Schwartz
Coast to Coast Carriers Inc.