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At RealBeanz, we're 'real busy' all the time, and our people are all over the place. When you run an operation like ours whose scope spans hundreds of miles, and getting your product on supermarket shelves in a timely manner is crucial, you need an iron-clad, no-nonsense communication system that handles volume, overflow, and remote connections with ease.

Enter Telebroad, the system we rely on every day to keep all our RealBeanz beverages flowing smoothly. With Telebroad our truck drivers each get their own extension number which allows them to interact and connect effortlessly and gives us call logging that's seamless and super-efficient.

And Telebroad is able to interface with our Salesforce CRM software, which allows us to streamline all phases of the sale from lead management to analytics, and forecasting. If you ever need a reference for your outstanding system, send the calls this way.

Real Beanz

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Telebroad provides outstanding support and service for a hassle-free, stress-free experience.

Customer Assistance 

Automatically Accessible - Just dial 611 and you will be immediately connected with our skilled customer service representatives.

Onsite Assistance - Also available for initial setup*.

*Tip: Telebroad is designed to be user-friendly; you can effortlessly install the system without professional assistance.

Automatic Updates - As technology is continuously developing and improving, all new features that are designed are automatically added to your system. Your system will never become outdated, and you'll never have to purchase an upgraded version of the software.

Technical Support

Off-site Repair - Problems are resolved within 2 hours from a remote location, without you ever having to see, (or pay!), a service technician.

Error Detection - We are able to discover a problem even before you report one, and we continually provide updates as to the status of repair.

Focus on Solutions - When problems occur, we don't waste time throwing the blame onto other service providers. We solve the problem.

Service Guarantee

Our written service guarantee is evidence of our dedication to providing our clients with the utmost quality and value in product and service.

We know that you are placing your business into our hands. We promise to do our utmost to ensure that your business thrives and that your communications services never compromise your growth opportunities.

But at Telebroad, we don't just make a promise. We guarantee it.

Click to read our detailed Service Level Agreement.