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We switched to Telebroad because whenever we needed service with the previous carrier, we were kept in the 'queue' for over 20 minutes. We tried calling the Telebroad support to see how long it would take to get a tech on the line. It was less than 30 seconds... Only then we asked to be transferred to Sales.
You know... we're in the moving business so we like when things get going, and with Telebroad Everything since then was so smooth, we can barely find a reason to call them anymore. Thanks!

Velocity Moving & Storage

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Running your company shouldn't require your actual presence in the office. Telebroad allows you to enjoy life and still maintain full control over business procedures and activities, through our PBXcellent system's mobility and flexibility.

So, go ahead, take that vacation you've been dreaming about, and this time you can actually relax, knowing that your business is still in competent and capable hands - Yours! Telebroad gives you the freedom to travel abroad without ever severing your business connection.


The Telebroad Switchboard provides executive management with a multitude of tools that are vital in efficiently managing an enterprise. Calls can be recorded and analyzed for training and oversight purposes.

Managers can view the details of each call, such as duration and location, and can route calls from one call center to another. Managers can orchestrate their entire operation from their PC, without ever having to leave their desks.


How do you make a sale? Knowledge regarding your target market and the proper method of speaking to your potential customers are key factors in clinching any deal.

The Telebroad Cloud PBX can be easily integrated with our own TeleCRM, or any other major Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program like Salesforce & SugarCRM which track and manage customer history, providing your sales personnel with vital information for selling, and teaches them proper protocol to follow when receiving a call. The CRM provides a sequence of questions for the sales representatives to ask the customer; these questions can be modified based on the caller's location, allowing your salespeople to handle different profiles with varying techniques.

The CRM script ensures that potential customers are not lost due to improper handling of calls. In addition, our cloud system can be assigned multiple phone numbers to be used simultaneously, enabling you to track results of ad placement and determine exactly which media generates the greatest response. The Telebroad system provides your salespeople with all the information they need to make the sale.

Traveling Salespeople

With most of your salespeople on the road, it can be hard to communicate and keep track of all calls and customer information. Cloned Extension provides each salesperson with a password, which, when entered on any preprogrammed IP phone, provides them with instant access to their extension and information.