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The TeleConsole is a software based program that acts as your personal assistant, providing you with the ability to track, monitor, and manage your daily communications from a personal control panel.

The TeleConsole includes features such as viewing call history, length of calls, and customer information from your desktop. Users can also manage incoming calls by creating forwarding rules for their extensions via the TeleConsole. Forwarding rules may include intelligent filtering as well, based on schedules of choice. You can choose which calls should be forwarded to your mobile phone (such as only VIP clients or internal calls) and during specified hours.

Each user can view all available extensions in their group and their current status through the TeleConsole. Users can place a call by clicking on any Internal or External contact listed. (Contact lists can also be easily imported from Outlook.)

The TeleConsole also allows you to Chat internally with your employees. Ideal for businesses with strict Internet use rules and block unnecessary chats, this only allows chat between employees or other Telebroad Business Customers.

Through its incredible features of business management, the TeleConsole will provide your organization with a professional and proficient method of connecting and communicating.

Telebroad SwitchBoard provides executive management with many useful tools for efficiently administrating an enterprise. Managers can view the length of each call, the volume of calls, record calls for later analysis, and listen in on calls for training and overseeing purposes.

The SwitchBoard maintains a log of calls, which appears on your PC screen with each incoming call, and aids in tracking of calls. The Automatic Call Distribution [ACD] feature allows you to set up an automatic distribution of calls, which directs the SwitchBoard to route incoming calls from one employee/call center to another when the call volume is heavy.

The SwitchBoard also provides a Call Routing feature, in which a manager can manually reposition calls waiting for assistance, by moving calls to other available operators or experts. The SwitchBoard's countless features enable executive management to run and administrate their entire operation, all from the convenience of their own desk.

With our SoftPhone software, no IP phone is necessary. SoftPhone's allows you to work hands-free, using a simple headset attached to your computer, enabling you to conduct conversations skillfully and professionally.

All phone activities, such as dialing and answering calls, are performed directly from your PC. With a crystal clear connection and advanced calling features, SoftPhone keeps you flexible and connected.

The ACD (Automatic Call Distibution) distributes calls to various call centers in an intelligent, professional manner. The queue was originally constructed according to specific criteria and rules which were designated to handle placement of calls and overflow.

The ACD adds extra capability by allowing you to view data regarding callers and agents. Calls can be manipulated by sending them to the agent that's been idling the longest, the one with the greatest skills or by order of importance.

The ACD Console allows you to view available agents, how many calls are active per group, and remove unproductive agents from the queue. The exact wait time of callers is shown, along with a visual colored display that changes as the length of time increases. The additional features of the ACD console allow you to manage and monitor your daily communications with enhanced flexibility.

At Telebroad, your safety is of utmost importance to us. We have used our advanced technology to ensure that your personal wellbeing is never compromised.

When 911 calls are placed over traditional phones, 911 can determine your location by tracing the source of the call over the landlines.

However, when a phone connection runs over the Internet, 911 has no method of determining the source. How can they possibly know if you are at home or in the office when you can use the same phone number and extension in both places? This is a serious threat to your safety.

Telebroad provides 911 operators with vital details that help them determine your exact location, allowing them to trace your call, even when placed over an Internet connection, and provide you with timely emergency assistance.

On the road. At the office. In the privacy of your home. Telebroad works hard at keeping you safe and sound.

All the time.