Introducing PBXCellent:

A 360° Communication System for Your Business

Office Phone System

Office phone system

PBXcellent: The 360° Cloud BasedPBX Business Communication System

One SystemOne Low Monthly Price


Expand your system from 1 extension to 1,000 without running new phone cables.


Your phone numbers and extensions move with you because you aren’t bound by physical wires.

Loaded with Features

Enjoy the same robust feature-set that powers America’s Fortune 500.

Hyper-T1 technology

Built-in failover capabilities totally eliminate phone system failures - which means your phone system will NEVER be down.

Value-Added Options Standard

Premium features like virtual fax, Hyper T1 and virtual phone conferencing - all included.

Automated Call Center

Automated Call Center

PBXcellent: The 360° Cloud BasedPBX Business Communication System

One SystemOne Low Monthly Price

Advanced Queue System

Route callers to the right queue automatically (you set the rules), or manipulate important calls via drag-and-drop, sending them to the agent with the right skills for the call.

Get a grip

Call whisper. Call recording. Call monitoring. Keep tabs on your call agents to ensure service and professionalism.

Reports at your fingertips

Monitor and track employee activity, such as all calls, calls answered/missed, average wait times, calls per agent, and more.

CRM Integration

Use sales scripts and track results with TeleCRM™ (included), Saleforce™, or any major CRM system.

Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax

PBXcellent: The 360° Cloud BasedPBX Business Communication System

One SystemOne Low Monthly Price

Paperless Faxing

Send faxes directly from your computer. Word files, graphic files, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, reports. Just click and fax.

Receive Faxes Electronically

Have your faxes delivered to your email inbox in PDF format. View and store, or print and file. It’s your call.

Receive Faxes on your Smartphone

View faxes on-the-go right from your mobile phone’s email inbox.

A Free Fax Number for Every Extension

Plus Regular Paper-Based Fax Service with Busy Signal Detection™

Plug in a regular fax machine, and with busy signal detection, our servers will accept the fax, and transmit it to you when your fax line becomes available. Which means you can receive numerous faxes simultaneously, receive faxes during a power outage, and never miss another important fax again.

Hyper T1

Hyper T1

PBXcellent: The 360° Cloud BasedPBX Business Communication System

One SystemOne Low Monthly Price


Redundant lines plus built-in failover capabilities eliminate phone system failures.

Hyper-Fast Setups

Need your system installed ASAP? With Hyper-T1™ technology your system will be up and installed overnight. It’s that fast.


Whether you’re relocating, or setting up a disaster recovery site, Hyper-T1™ allows you to bring your phone services with you wherever you go - without having to reconfigure a thing.

Be Global. Act Global

Get any phone number you want from anywhere in the world. Establish a ‘virtual office’ in NYC or LA even if you’re located in Smallville USA.

Broadband Data


Fast, Reliable Broadband options


BroadSpeed DSL 3.0/768

3Mbps upstream and 768Kbps downstream
Get broadband speed for your small business and enjoy fast internet access at an affordable price.

BroadSpeed DSL 5.0/768

Step up the broadband speed with 5Mbps downloads and 768kbs uploads.

T1 Data – Dedicated Internet Access 1.5

Dedicated Internet Access means your bandwidth is never shared with others. Enjoy a consistent 1.5Mbps speed both upstream and downstream, and rock solid performance.

Plus Super Speed Networks

Secure, direct data connections with P2P or MPLS over copper or fiber, via OC3, OC48, or Metro Ethernet with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Use all of the features or just some, PBXcellent grows with you.

Use the features you need now, and be confident that the features and solutions you’ll need tomorrow are ready to be deployed with the click of your mouse at the same all-inclusive, low monthly price.