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Basic Calling Features

Call Park - Receive a call and park it in one of your call-park slots so another extension can go ahead and grab it. Typically used with the Announcement feature. To use this feature, you would announce “There’s a call for John Doe on Park 1”, which would be broadcast over the phones’ speakers and/or loudspeakers in the ceiling. John can than retrieve it from the nearest phone next to him [ideal in stores, warehouses or Supermarkets where employees are not bound to their extensions].

Call Record - Record phone calls and send them to your e-mail box or View/Listen to them online.

Scheduler - Play different messages to callers during various times of the day.

Reverse Transfer - Answer your calls from a different extension.

Call Transfer

Smart Transfer - Receiver is informed of the caller’s identity.

Blind Transfer - Call is transferred to the extension directly.

Call Forwarding - Forward all calls to the destination of your choice (transfer to an extension or external number) and schedule the forwarding of calls based on the hour of the day.

Call Screening - Callers will be forced to reveal their identity before you accept their call.

DND (Do Not Disturb - or more accurately: Don’t be Disturbed) - Block all incoming calls, including “call waiting” clicks, while maintaining full ability to place outbound calls with a push of the DND button. The System will send your calls to voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed.


Advanced Calling Features

Alternate Caller ID - Each time you place a call, choose which of your company’s various designated phone numbers should appear on your receiver’s caller ID display.

Time Tracker - Users log in and log out when using the system, enabling you to track employee’s work hours.

Call Filter - Ideal for vacations, as you can select certain calls to be forwarded to your cell phone, or other destination, while all other calls are automatically transferred to voicemail.

Call Monitoring - Listen in on calls to ensure professionalism.

Call Whisper - Interrupt an existing phone call, but only your employee can hear your comments. This allows you to provide advice and pointers, without the client being aware of the exchange.

Barge In – Take control of the call entirely, if an employee is providing incorrect information or is potentially losing a customer.

Call Restrictions and Barring/Blacklist - Block specific callers or phone numbers to be dialed; rules can be based per company or extensions.

Call Back - The system will automatically call back when the busy extension becomes free.



Our voicemail includes basic and advanced features that facilitate better management of your communications.


  • Date and timestamp
  • Forward messages to other extension mailboxes
  • Callback sender
  • Personal or automated greeting
  • Mailboxes by department
  • Voicemail to email notification
  • Remote access to voice mail messages by designated phone number
  • Multilingual voice mail support
  • Have the system call your cell phone every time you receive a new Voicemail


  • Outlook Integration - Dial from any phone number displayed on the e-mail message.
  • Coming Soon: Listen to/Delete voicemails in your e-mail inbox, and the status will change accordingly in the regular voicemail box.

Doorphones & Intercoms

Click here for information on Telebroad Service with Doorphone capabilities.

Web Controls

Run reports on all calls for tracking and monitoring purposes:

Incoming phone numbers - Ideal choice when advertising with various media. By listing different phone numbers on ads, you can determine which media generated the greatest response.

Destination number - Great incentive for employees to increase sales calls, as each call they place is tracked. You can also discover whether employees are squandering company time on hotlines or personal conversations.

Duration - Provides you with a list of calls based on their duration.

Extension - Provides you with information on calling history, based on each extension

Call Tree

The Auto Attendant greets callers with a professional, personalized greeting, accompanied by a series of customized menus.

Dialing Options - Callers can choose to dial by extension, by name, corporate directory, and specific department, or transfer to an attendant.

Sub Groups - Sub categories of extensions can be set up to answer incoming calls.

Call Screening and Audio Announcement - Allows you to screen calls before answering, along with the option of announcing caller's name.

Daily/ Holiday Schedule - Handles incoming calls differently during regular business hours, after hours, or on a holiday.

Music on Hold - Play the music of your choice when callers are placed on hold. You can even vary the music playing on hold by department or company (if you have more than one company on the same system).


All incoming calls are placed in a queue, until the operator answers the call. Calls are answered in the order in which they are received.

Queue Placement - All callers are informed of their place in the queue, along with their estimated wait time.

No Answer - If a call is not answered in a designated amount of time, the call will be routed to the destination of your choice: voicemail, another extension, outside number, or back to the call tree.

Exit - Callers can choose to exit the queue and return to the call tree and choose another option.

Reports - Various reports aid in monitoring and tracking sales and employee activity, such as All Calls, Calls Answered/Missed, Average Wait Times, Calls per Agent/per Day/per Month

Monitoring - You can monitor your Queues on your screen and manipulate them by dragging & dropping important callers to specific extensions.

Online Fax

Fax to E-mail - Forward incoming faxes to a designated e-mail account.

Retry on Busy - Failed fax attempts will be retried (up to 3 times), with notification of status.

Web Access - Access faxes from any web-enabled device.

Online Storage - Store faxes online, accessible anywhere, anytime from your PC.

Click here for more information on Virtual Faxing


Meet with your staff members, virtually.

Basic Conference Bridge - A virtual conference room is selected, and as each party joins the room, a distinctive bell sounds to announce their entry.

Advanced Conference Bridge - Every virtual room is password protected and each attendee's entrance/exit is accompanied by an announcement of his first/last name. The administrator has a hidden menu which shows a list of all participants and enables him to invite or remove attendees at his discretion.

Text Messaging

All Telebroad phone numbers are text enabled which means our customers can send and receive text messages right from (and to) their business phone! 60% of business owners who've tried this feature, prefer communication via text. Dell & many other large companies are now offering chat services online to support personnel. Now you can too.

Text messages can be delivered online to the Telebroad User portal or to your Mobile device via SMS or iPhone/Droid Apps. Users can then reply and compose new text messages using the phone.