The Telebroad Edge

What’s so great about flexibility?

There are no physical restrictions, as there are no landlines, no wires, and no hardware. The only requirements are IP phones, DSL, and a computer for various extra features. Even if different departments of the company are based in different locations, one phone system and one direct phone number is used, uniting the entire enterprise in the cloud, while maintaining the utmost in flexibility.

Our system can never be outgrown. The number of users that can be added to the system is unlimited. Each user’s phone experience is tailor made for them, with their own personal “Telebroad section” programmed for their distinctive needs.

Constant updates ensure that your system is always current with communication technology. You will never have to purchase a new system, or upgrade to a new version.

The Telebroad system moves with you. If the office relocates or is restructured, no changes need to be made to the system, unlike landline based systems, where new wiring, networking and hardware is required.

Cloned Extension (Password Feature): One IP phone can be utilized by various staff members. Each staff member is equipped with a password which is entered onto any IP phone (programmed by Telebroad), and can immediately log in to his or her own personal extension, accessing personal information.

This decreases the necessity of having unused hardware for personnel who are based mostly out of the office (such as outside sales reps who are only in the office for a limited amount of time.)

It also allows staff to move from one location to another daily, without the hassle of a physical transfer of software or hardware.

The Telebroad system allows you to have two (or more) IP phones in various locations with the same extension number (such as, one in the office and the other home based). Both phones will ring with incoming calls, and wherever you are, you have the ability to answer your calls.

The Same Phone System, The Same Phone: Personnel can answer phones for many different companies, using the same system and the same phone. Each call is identified by the number dialed, and the various calls can be handled appropriately, without spending thousands of dollars on different phone systems.

The Telebroad System maintains the highest level of security. In fact, our system is so secure, even the U.S. federal government cannot access it unless special access is provided by Telebroad upon legal/subpoena request.

With Telebroad, you'll never have to worry about eavesdropping and/or breaches of privacy, as all of your communications are guaranteed private and secure.

The Telebroad connection is crystal clear and free from interference. There are never any worries concerning losing a call, latency, delays, or downed lines, as our advanced technology of network redundancy ensures absolute reliability.

We pride ourselves on our stability and dependability, and ensuring that your communication opportunities and activities are never compromised.

The Telebroad System is uniquely designed, allowing for the greatest customization of features. Companies are not all created equal. Some are big, some are small, and others fall somewhere in between.

While the needs and purposes of businesses may vary, the Telebroad system's distinct composition allows us to make everyone happy, all of the time.

From the customization of greetings, call groups and the number of extensions to the number of different phone numbers available, Telebroad will efficiently satisfy your needs, no matter how numerous, varied and distinct they may be.

The Telebroad System is economical and straightforward. PBXcellent is a cloud based system; there are no hardware fees, immediately saving you $10,000 and upwards, on top of all the other savings. Unlike traditional phone systems, composed of phone lines, wiring, and requiring network maintenance, PBXcellent operates through a solid data connection, and Telebroad's digital lines, shrinking your monthly fee to a small percentage of what you would pay for Verizon and a landline based phone system.

There are no hidden fees, no surcharges, no costly setup fees and no additional fees for maintenance, customer service, or technical support.

We charge one monthly fee that does not change. You are charged per extension, and there are no additional charges for the phone service & provided software.

Technical support and customer service is included in your basic package, allowing you to utilize the system to its fullest capacity, by ensuring that you can request help and support whenever necessary, without worrying about incurring extra costs.